Your cats may have names that you can use when calling them.  When you call a cat using its name; your cat may respond by mewing or by turning and looking at you. This can show that your cat knows its name. 


How You Teach Cats Their Names

You can teach your cat its name at an early stage when it’s still a kitten. You can start calling the kitten with its name so that it gets used to its name.

When you call it for feeding you can use a name instead of whistling and hissing.

Use the cat’s name regularly when you are cuddling with it so that it gets used to its name. You may reward the cat when you call it so that it can get used to responding to you when you call it. 

According to the studies, cats understand their names and they may respond when you call them using the names. Cats may move their head, ears and meow when you call them to show that they know their names.

However, some cats may not respond when being called by human beings. They may enjoy ignoring their owners. 

How to Name a Cat

You may name your cat according to its looks or colour or using its behaviour. Experts say that cats respond faster to name that have long ‘e’ or ‘ee’ vowels such as Phoebe, Simee, Missy and more.

Names that require a high-pitched voice to say them out may also be good for cats. Such names can easily draw the cat’s attention. 

Take away

Cats are slow in learning their names compared to dogs. Don’t be disappointed when your cat fails to know its name and continues ignoring you when you call it by its name. Keep on using the name until it gets used it.

Be creative as you try to make the cat respond to its name. 

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