Are you wondering why your cat cannot recognize you from a distance?

Your cat’s vision is a lot more different than your own.

There are things that your cat will be able to see at first sight, but you will have to look around to spot. There are colors that you can see all bright and vibrant but your cat can hardly make a difference. And then there are things that will be clearly visible to you but all your cat will be able to see is a blur.

Wondering what’s the logic behind it all?

Read on to find out!

Cats and Long Distance Vision 

If your cat cannot recognize you from distance, don’t worry. Your cat’s eyesight is sharp and completely fine. It is just that cats are naturally gifted to only see as far as 6m or 20 feet. They have a relatively shorter long-distance vision. In comparison, you can easily see objects ten times as far, or 200 feet away. 

So next time you find your cat looking at you like you’re a stranger, try coming closer.

Cats and Visual Field 

Although your cat may not be able to see further than you, it can surely see more than you. Your cat’s visual field is 200 degrees wide, a whole 20 degrees greater than you. A wider visual field means being able to see more at one sight which also means humans will have to turn their heads to see what cats can already see.

So next time your cat recognizes you standing on the side without turning towards you, don’t get freaked out.

Also, did you know that a cat’s visual color capacity is no more than a color-blind human?

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