You might have not been able to count your feline fur teeth. This make keeps you wondering about the number of teeth that your cat has. You might not notice the difference in the number of teeth in kitten and adult cat.

Kitties have fewer teeth than older cats. Kittens have 26 baby teeth while the adults have 30 teeth.

At what age do cats develop teeth?

Like human beings, cats are born without teeth. Your kitties start developing teeth after two weeks of birth.

After three months the baby teeth fall out to grow permanent teeth. Kitten has 4 canines, 12 incisors and 10 premolars. An adult cat has a similar set of teeth as a kitten and an additional of 4 molars.

The adult cat has 14 teeth in the lower jaws and 16 in the upper jaws. By 7 months your cat would have fully developed the permanent teeth. 

How does the cat use its teeth?

Your cat uses canines for self-defence and fro preying. The pointy sharp teeth help the cat tear the treat and they are strong 

Have you ever checked your cat’s teeth? Share your experiences!

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