Are you wondering how many teeth cats have? 

Just like us, cats have two sets of teeth. Kittens have temporary milk teeth that shed as they grow up and make way for permanent teeth or adult teeth.

In this blog post, we will no over everything you need to know about your cat’s teeth and answer the question, “How many teeth do cats have?” in detail. 

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Cats and Their Milk Teeth

Kittens have sharp white teeth, also known as deciduous teeth. You can start seeing these teeth when the kitty is born. The teeth are small and sharper than you’d think. 

These, however, are temporary teeth. Your kitten will soon shed them.

Kittens have 26 primary or milk teeth.

If you want your cat to have strong and healthy teeth later in life, you should start brushing your kitten’s teeth as soon as possible. Starting while your cat has milk teeth is a good idea.

The Permanent Teeth 

Most pet parents don’t even know that their cats have two sets of teeth as the process is faster than you’d think. The permanent teeth start coming in when the kitten is about 3½ to 4 months in age.

The incisors are the first to be replaced, followed by other teeth. Adult cats, in total, have 30 teeth—that’s 4 more than the primary teeth. 
Kittens get all of their permanent teeth by the time they’re seven months in age.

Dental Care Matters 

Dental issues are painful and quite common in adult cats, which is why it is crucial to keep your cats teeth clean. You can:

Summing Up

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To sum it up, adult cats have 30 teeth, while kittens have 26 teeth. A cat has two sets of teeth—temporary milk teeth, and permanent teeth. 

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