Do you have a female cat? 

Getting a new cat can be exciting. However, there are still a few things you learn as you learn to become a pet parent, such as when cats go in heat, how often do cats go into heat, etc. 

In this blog post, we wanted to make these things easier for you and go over these questions. 

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When Do Cats Go Into Heat? 

Most female cats go into heat when they are six months of age. However, due to environmental factors, some cats go into heat when they are as young as four months in age. 

This also changes from breed to breed–some breeds go into heat earlier while others may take up to 10 months to go into heat. 

Signs Your Cat Is In Heat: Here’s What to Look For 

Keep in mind that most notable signs of a cat being in heat are behavioral. Here are some signs you should look for: 

Some of these behavioural changes may annoy cat owners since these changes are subtle. 

How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat: A Quick Look 

How often cats go into heat depends upon genetic and environmental factors. That being said, most cats go into heat at least twice a year–during autumn and spring. 

Keep in mind that cats are polyestrus breeders, which means that they are capable of going into heat multiple times a year. Some cats are even capable of having five litters in a year! 

Cats experience a surge in their oestrogen levels as teenagers and go into heat for about a week.  

 How Long Does Estrus Cycle Last? 

The average length of a cat’s Estrus cycle is six days. If an unspayed cat has not mated while in heat, it will go into heat for a shorter period. So, the complete cycle lasts for anywhere between one to three weeks. 

A cat can breed any time when she’s in heat. 

The average cat pregnancy lasts nine weeks or 63 days. 

Summing Up: How Often Do Cats Go Into Heat? 

Did we help you figure out how often cats go in heat? 

Cats–like dogs–are seasonally polyestrous animals. They have multiple cycles in a given year which vary according to environmental and geographic factors. In most cases, cats have two mating seasons per year. 

However, some cats are capable of having four litters a year.

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