I hope that you’re safe and feeling well! In this hard time, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe. 

If you’re like the most of us, you must be spending most of your time indoors than ever before due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19 infectious disease. It means you have more ample time to play and cuddle with your cats.

There are interactive games that can make your cat have a good physique, smart brain while chasing boredom out of the house.

Indoor games and Entertainment for the Kitty!

Cats love resting and sleeping throughout the day.

You can change this routine and play games to make it active. An indoor cat that spends the whole day indoors with less activity might be bored and have poor physique.

With you being around the whole can mean that it is being spoilt with goodies that can make it gain weight. Play games that can make your cat run around to stay fit and also shed off some kilos. 

Cat Laser Pointer

A cat laser pointer might be a useful toy that can entertain your cat in the evening. Your cat can enjoy running around chasing the spot. Make sure that you have a reward because it might bore your cat to chase the dot without pouncing at it. Cats love to hunt and catch something.

Therefore the cat laser point can afford your cat those natural instincts of hunting and catching. 

Cat laser pointer might destruct and entertain your cat while you are working. Due to COVID-19, most of you are working from home. Your cat might bother you while you are trying to do some work.

An automatic cat laser pointer can be useful.  My cat enjoys her PetSafe Zoom a lot!

Puzzle Feeder

Who said that food must be always eat from bowls?

Break the tradition and have fun while eating. Bring the puzzle feeder and teach your cat how to hunt for food and treats.

This is an interactive game that can make your cat enjoy hunting for food in the puzzle while stimulating its brain. It can also make your cat digest meals very well without eating in a rush.

If you don’t have a proper puzzle feeder, you can DIY. You have time to put together some cardboard to come up with a toy that can keep your cat entertained as it eats its food.

A puzzle feeder will minimise the cat’s boredom.

A bored cat might end up going outside where its safety won’t be guaranteed. Keep your cat safe indoors with interactive toys.

My cat stays entertained for hours by his Kenley Puzzle Feeder!

Make windows accessible

If you are scared of taking your cat outside the house, you can make the windows accessible. Your cat can climb and have a different view of outdoors through the window.

You can set up a bird feeder that can be seen by a cat when it is seated by the window. Your cat might enjoy the view of birds.

Make sure that the window is secure so that the cat doesn’t jump outside to explore the bird feeder.

Train her!

You can teach your cat a new technique or skill.

Cats are intelligent and can mimic human beings’ behaviour and activities.

You can teach your cat a ‘high five’ technique and teach it how to dance or play with a ball. These activities can create a bond between you and your pet as you stay safe at home. 

Empty boxes still work!

If you don’t have many toys, your cat can be easily entertained with empty card boxes or shopping bags. You can also use card boxes to make toys that can be used by your cat. 

Cats like watching TV

You can amuse your cat indoors watching TV together. Yes, your cat can watch TV programmes and focus for some time.

There are films that can be watched by cats.

Films and videos that feature birds and rats can capture your cat and keep it glued on the screen.

Outdoor games

Your cat can be entertained outside the house so that you don’t exhaust your indoor games. You can let your cat play with the ball outside. Make sure you don’t let the cat be out of your sight.

Closely monitor your cat so that it doesn’t play in dirty places.   

You can also play some outdoors inside the house by being innovative. You can tie together some feathers using a long rope and drag it in the house.

Your cat can enjoy chasing the feathers. Playing indoors gives you an assurance that you are not exposed to infectious coronavirus. 

As you entertain your cats, don’t over stimulate them. Some toys like cat laser pointer might frustrate the cat. Be creative and have fun without boring each other.

How are you safely entertaining your cats during coronavirus lockdown? Share your secrets with me in the comments!

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