Perhaps you are one of those people that loves animals, especially cats and wants to look after as many as possible, but can’t keep all of them in your small apartment – so fostering is the best thing you can do. If you happen to find a little helpless kitten on the pavement of a street, the best thing you can do is pick it up, cover it with a small blanket and take it home to nurse it to good health.  These are the things you need to know:

1. Feeding Your Baby Kitten

You will need a syringe to feed your little kitten, especially if it is under ten days of age. A kitten under ten days old will have closed eyes and folded ears and you will see their umbilical cord. Use a 3cc syringe with what is called a “miracle nipple.” You cannot feed them cows’ milk and need to purchase kitten formula which can be found at a vet, pet store or even online.


2. Keeping Your Kitty Warm & Safe

Keep your kitten in a warm bed or box with a blanket as it sleeps and make sure to keep it away from anything that may harm it – including other cats that want to play too hard with it. Keep it in your bedroom as you sleep so that you can help it if it needs you.

3. Take Your Kitten to the Vet for Shots

Kittens should be vaccinated when they are eight weeks old, followed by boosters at twelve weeks of age and then 16 weeks of age.

4. Gain Funds to Take Care of Your Kittens

If you find that you are fostering many kittens, it is perfectly acceptable to post what you are doing on social media and ask for donations. Often people will open their hearts and donate. The more pictures you post and the more social presence you make, the more people and (ultimately) donations you will attract.

5. Keep a Clean Litter Box Available

As your little foster kitty grows, it is important to keep a litter box available for them that is clean at all times. This will train them for their new home as most people will ask if their new potential kitten is trained for the litter box.

6. Keep Scratch Posts Nearby

Make sure your little foster kitty has fun in your home and has scratch posts to take advantage of. This way your precious furniture won’t get shredded.

7. Keep Toys Around

Kittens love to play, more than anything, and in order to keep your kitty really happy keep a few mice toys and balls with bells around so that it can have as much fun as possible while it is under your care. You also want it to be able to have fun for the times you are out at work.

Soon enough your kitty will be big enough to be adopted and you can be proud of yourself for raising such a champion!

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