Are you looking to find ways to keep your cat entertained when you’re out of the house?

My cat loves to sleep all day when I’m out at work. But, as soon as I am home in the evenings, she loves to play with me and loves having my attention. That’s something that I really appreciate.

The problem, however, is the fact that my cat likes to stay up all night because she’s had her sleep during the day.

So, I feel that it is important to keep your cat entertained throughout the day.

In this blog post, I will go through some of the ways in which you can keep your kitty entertained while you aren’t at home.

Let’s get started.

How to Keep Your Cat Entertained

In this section of the blog, I will jump right into how you can keep your feline friend entertained.

Here we go.

Keep Your Kitty in a Room With a View

If you know cats, you know how they are drawn to the outside world.

My cat likes to look at everything from an elevated position—she loves to know what’s going around in the house from the top of her cat tree. If you live in a high-rise apartment, you can open the windows for your kitty and she’ll be entertained for hours!

Invest in a Fish Tank

While cats love eating fish, there’s another thing that they like about them, too!

They love watching fish swim and go about their day. If you have the time, money, and space, consider installing a fish tank at your home to entertain your kitty as well as other guests that you might have over.

Just be sure there’s no way your cat can get into the tank or knock it over.

Cat TV

In my last blog post, I went through some awesome YouTube videos for cats.

They’re actually entertaining for your feline friend!

Investing in a DVD for your kitty or even something as small as Chromecast for your TV can keep your kitty entertained for hours while you’re away. This trick always does the work if you can’t open windows for your cat.

Paper and paper bags

If you know cats, you know how much they love the crinkling sound of paper and it’s ability to change shape!

Try leaving a few pieces of paper scattered around the house so your cat can stumble across them throughout the day. Cats also like paper bags! They love sitting in them and love pouncing in and out of them, or tearing holes!

Keep in mind to remove handles attached to the paper bag, as they can be a choking hazard.

Cat specific furniture

Here are a few pieces of cat furniture that you can invest in to keep your feline friend entertained for hours on end:

I really like cat trees as they include a combination of jungle gym, scratching posts, hiding holes, etc. My cat particularly seems to enjoy cat trees.

One of the best things is that cat trees help protect your human. Your cat can learn to take out their natural kitty instincts on their tree, rather than on your expensive furniture.

What do you do to keep your kitty entertained? Let us know in the comments.

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