While some cats like to lounge around in the house and are perfectly fine with doing nothing, some kitties love to play and want to explore anything and everything. 

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between low maintenance and no maintenance. 

In this blog post, I’ll share some tips on how you can keep your furry friend entertained indoors and keep her happy and purr-fect. 

Let’s begin! 

Buy Lots of Toys 

Everyone knows that kitties enjoy their toys—especially ones that have been laced with some catnip. 

To keep your kitty active and entertained, I recommend that you get her a lot of toys to play with. 

Provide a Fun Zone 

Dedicate a small spot to your cat where she has everything that she loves—her bed, cat tree, toys, etc. 

This is not only good to keep your kitty entertained but, also helps in keeping your kitty mentally healthy as well. 

Moving on… 

The Room With a View

Kitty love to gaze outside and like being left alone with their kitty thoughts to ponder upon. 

And so, they really find rooms with a nice view quite entertaining and like to look at people, nature, buildings, etc. for hours! 

That’s cool, right?


There are several YouTube videos that your kitty will enjoy. 

Not just that, there are iPad games for cats as well! To keep them stimulated and curious. 

Who knew that cats were good with technology, right? 

How do you keep your cats entertained? Let me know in the comments section… 

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