Cats are complex creatures. 

Sometimes they want your attention, while sometimes they couldn’t care less about you. So, how can you tell if your cat loves you!? 

Well, that’s what I’m here for!

Today, I’ll be talking about that signs that tell you that your kitty loves you! 

  1. Strong Purrs
    Strong or powerful purrs are a sign that your kitty truly loves your company and feels really comfortable around you!

  2. Head Butting
    If you’ve ever been head-butted by a cat, consider it a great honour! Your kitty has ‘marked’ you as its own. Isn’t that adorable!

  3. Biting
    So you hate the fact that your cat randomly bites your feet at 3:00 AM? Well, don’t! Nibbling at you is actually a sign of affection.

  4. Napping on you
    You know a cat likes you she naps on you. Cats naturally are attracted to small and dark spaces. If your kitty is snuggling beside you, this means that she actually loves you and wants to be with you!

  5. Hunting for you
    Does it disgust you that your cat brings you dead animals? Well, that’s one way cat shows affection! 
    It brings you something it’s spent time hunting so that you don’t have to fend for yourself. 

    Adorable, right? 

A cat may not show affection like a dog does, but this doesn’t mean that kitties don’t feel the love!

Let me know in the comments section about the way your cats show you affection!

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  1. I have 3 cats. 1LHD male large black cat “Winston”, A 1yr old sm. rescued female black kitty “Onyx”, and a beautiful snowshoe female 10yrs old “Missy”.
    They all show me all these loving signs described above. I never knew cats were so jealous of each other, no matter who I call here come the other two, three if we count my dog.. However Missy’s (the snowshoe) preferred playmate is our Shih-Tzu Holly, and vice a versa.
    They delight me all day long. I am a true animal lover at heart.

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