Believe it or not, cats have taken over the world and they sit in important places–some even practise the law! 

In a funny case of event, a Texas-based lawyer mistakenly showed up as a cat in a Zoom hearing. Of course, the hearing went viral and he will now forever be known as the Zoom cat lawyer. 

It all started when lawyer Ron Ponton accidentally joined a zoom call with the zoom cat filter on. The cat’s expressions make the video funnier than it already is!

Take a look for yourself!

Cat Video Lawyer: I’m here and I am not a cat

Of course, the term “Cat lawyer” started trending on twitter, and things have not cooled down at all. Here are some tweets that I loved!













One thing’s for sure, the internet has fallen in love the cat video lawyer.

As he said himself, “You cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube.” 

Lawyer Cat Not Embarrassed Anymore

Of course, anyone would be initially embarrassed if they showed up to a Zoom meeting with a cat filter on not knowing how to turn it off. Same was the case with Ron Ponton.

However, after all the internet fame that he’s gotten, he claims that he doesn’t feel embarrassed by the incident any longer. In fact, the zoom cat lawyer has started to embrace being a viral sensation. He’s currently been approached by several media outlets for interviews.

Look, working from home isn’t easy.

The covid pandemic made us all realise that. 

Mr. Ponton is now looking to cash in on is new-found internet fame by selling t-shirts, cups, and everything else. 

You can’t blame him, though? 

Do you have any funny work from home mishap stories to share with the community? Leave your experiences in the comments section, so that we can all share a laugh.

Who knows, you might become the next internet sensation!

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