By new pets, we are assuming it would be a dog, a goldfish, a hamster, after all that’s the norm.

Here’s how to introduce cats to those three kinds of creatures for a happy and harmonious co-existence:

Cats and dogs. Please, no pit bulls versus kittens. The obvious, duh. Have a heart. Introduce a golden retriever to a kitten. Larger and older cats who love to strut their stuff will make mincemeat out of mean dogs. Never underestimate the power of the miffed feline. Yes, she’ll be patient and tolerant – to a point. But a pit bull is a pit bull. You’re crazy for even thinking about it. Please, have a heart.

Cats and goldfish. Another no brainer. Cats know their staple dish by heart. Please, keep that goldfish bowl safe from unnecessary feline attention. Not that height would be a deterrent for this lithe acrobat. We may just have to shuck the goldfish if cat is particularly aggressive – or hungry, unless you love the goldfish more. Feed the cat, will ya?

Cats and hamsters. Curious cats, when introduced to that hamster on that wheel will either laugh his head off or look at the funny creature going nowhere and think how dumb is that? It’s alright, they will leave each other alone. Hopefully, your hamster has no self-esteem issues. Cats can be real haughty and snotty.

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  1. Hey Annette!

    thank you for asking this question. It is a great question and not easy to answer. There is certainly not a general rule , that you should generally avoid Pit Bulls with cats. But if they have both an extrovert character and like to be protective of their habitat, that could cause some tension. We have no evidence about other cat-dog-pairs that would not match and cause trouble living in the same household. 🙂

    Do you have Pit Bull and a cat?

  2. Just to clarify, are you advising that pit bulls should not be in a home with cats at all? I know there’s probably exceptions. Any other breeds to avoid?

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