We all know how adorable two cats playing together is, right? 

Its amazing o see two animals get along with each other and watching them play, fight, and cuddle together! 

But, did you know that cats take a long time to get used to each other? 

In today’s blog post, I’ll go through how you should go about when introducing your older cat to your new baby kitty! 

Let’s start!

Choosing The Right Kitten

Have you been unsuccessful in introducing a cat to yours before? 

Well, chances are that your cat just might not get along with another adult cat. But, kittens on the other hand are small and sexually immature so it shouldn’t be much big of a problem. 


Keep in mind that an active young cat may stress your kitty out!


Set Up Your Home

Thinking of setting up the new cat’s area next to your old cat’s space?

Think again.

Your older cat will be stressed out and frustrated if a new kitty invades its space. You should set up your new kitten’s living space as far away from your old cat as possible.

The key to a peaceful existence is a slow introduction. 

Introducing Your Cats

Did you know that once a cat forms an opinion about a another cat, its really hard to change it

That’s why you need to get the introduction right the first time. 

Make sure that you introduce your cats to each other slowly—preferably though a dog crate or a baby gate. As time passes, increase the amount of time they spend together. 


If you feel that either one of the cats are displaying aggression or fear, take things down a notch. 

That’s it! 

Let me know in the comments section if this information was helpful! Do you have multiple cats? Let me know how you introduced them to each other!

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