Are your cat’s cute little sneezes getting too frequent?

If yes, it’s obviously getting you worried. While there may be no reason to worry at all, too much sneezing can be indications of serious conditions too.

Which makes this blog post important for you. This blog post will list down the possible causes of your cat’s frequent sneezing as well as what your immediate measure should be.

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Your Cat May Be Sneezing Because…

It is a sensitive animal. Like humans, it can just be some irritation in the nasal cavity,  an explosive release of air or some concerning underlying cause.

This section of the blog will help you identify that cause and be cautious henceforth.

1. Infections

These are the most popular culprits of causing frequent sneezing in cats. If your four legged purring buddy can’t stop sneezing, chances are, it has contracted an upper respiratory infection, which is quite similar to the cold in humans.

These infections can be viral, bacterial or fungal and can mostly be prevented through vaccines or cured by administering proper antibiotics medication.

While these infections are not contagious to human beings,  Feline Calcivirus is notorious in causing serious infections in cats, and can even lead to pneumonia.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia are other extremely serious and at times fatal conditions that can cause excess sneezing as initial symptoms.

2. Irritants

If your cat is sneezing too much but not consistently, chances are, there’s something that’s bothering its sensitive nasal passage.

It can be some irritant or allergen, that can have entered its respiratory passage naturally or some of your human activity.

Pay attention how your cat reacts to lighting artificial fragrances that disseminate particles in the area, cigarette smoking, pest and other sprays as well as when you dust clean your house. Infact, your cat’s own litter may also be causing your cat sneezing.

Natural irritants like pollens, though uncommon to cause allergy in cats, can be a cause for too much sneezing.

In these cases, you don’t need to visit a vet. You just have to be more cautious and avoid that sneezing discomfort to your cat!

3. Foreign Bodies

We know cats are curious animals and keeps scratching and nibbling on any and everything they find interesting. In their intense encounters with the outside world, you will never know what enters your cat’s respiratory tract.

Beware of foreign bodies stuck in its nose like grass or even little stones! Your little friend may be trying its best to release it by sneezing but may require a push from you.

Besides these, if your cat has been treated for some condition recently and was being administered with nasal vaccinations, these can often tend to stay around their nasal passage and cause sneezing. In such case, just wait it out.

4. Dental diseases

Your cat’s oral health can also be the reason your cat can’t stop sneezing. Particularly problems relating to the root of its teeth can cause the bacteria to spread to the nasal cavity and hence, inflammation and sneezing.

You should rather visit the vet in such case and get that tooth treated, cutting sweets won’t help.

Attention Is The Solution

I’m sure, all you cat lovers shower your furry purry pets with lots of attention and pampering, but the key to identifying anything wrong with your cat is paying attention to their behavior and surroundings.

Panicking every time your cat sneezes, will not only stress you for no reason, but also your pet that can sense your tension. Rather, staying calm and vigilant, noticing what is causing those uncontrollable sneezes and taking your cat to the vet when things get out of hand, will definitely make you your cat’s hero!

Do you know some interesting ways to cure cat sneezing? Share your tips with us in the comments section!

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