Justin Bieber has been in the headlines for telling the animal rights group Peta to “suck it” after it criticized him for buying designer kittens rather than rehoming cats from a shelter.

The newly-married singer spent $35,000 to purchase a pair of kittens named Tuna and Sushi. These Savannah cats are a hybrid of a domestic feline and are native to sub-Saharan Africa.

Justin showed off his cats on Instagram in mid-August. 

According to Bieber, Peta should concentrate on tackling issues like “poaching and animal brutality”. He added, “Go focus on real problems. Ur tripping because I want a specific kind of cat? U weren’t tripping when I got my dog Oscar and he wasn’t a rescue… every pet we get must be a rescue?I believe in adopting rescues but also think there are preferences and that’s what breeders are for.”

2 Responses

  1. I can relate to Justin Beiber’s comments to PETA. He does make some valid points for his choice of cat breed.
    However, I can also see PETA’s concern to limit breeding and selling of exotic breeds. They tend to be more aggressive than domestic cats. Also, there are so many cats in rescue shelters that need good homes.
    In summation, it should be an individual’s choice as long as the pets that keep are legally bred and obtained.

  2. He had other animal and he abandoned, a monkey if I remember. He is only a vain pampered kid made of money.

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