Coughing is something you would not ignore as a human being. Do not ignore your cat when is coughing.

There are various things that may make your cat cough. 

Things That May Cause My Cat to Cough

In this section of the blog post, we will go through a few common reasons of coughing in cats. 

Here’s the deal.

Is my cat Asthmatic?

If you hear your cat coughing, you might have a lot of assumptions.

Asthma is one of the diseases that may make your cat cough. If the cat’s respiratory system is affected, it might be difficult for her or him to breathe. Inflammation might affect the airways resulting in continuous coughing.

You may take your cat to the vet to examine and find the reasons behind the cough. 

Things that might trigger asthma include perfume, dust, stress, obesity, moulds, bacteria, parasites and more. Your cat might experience shortness of breath, sneezing, coughing and vomiting.

Wheezing can be detected by a vet using a stethoscope. 

Parasitic worms

The parasite worms like heart-worms might make your cat cough.

Heart-worms are caused by mosquitos. The symptoms of heart-worms in a cat might include coughing, vomiting, lack of appetite. The symptoms are similar to asthma.  


Your cat might be allergic to something that makes her or him cough. Food with spices, perfumes, dust might causes allergies to your cat. 


Pneumonia may cause your cat to cough.

Other symptoms of pneumonia might include loud respiratory sounds, difficult to breathe, nostril discharge. Pneumonia is usually caused by bacteria or fungal infection.

Any cat can be affected by pneumonia, especially kitties.  

Tight collars

When your cat’s windpipe receives a lot of pressure from a necktie or collar, it might be damaged resulting in coughing. 

Fungal lung infection

Your cat might be infected from the soil by fungal. This may make it cough.

Lung cancer

Your cat might have developed tumours in his or her lungs. Coughing might be a symptom of lung tumours. Wheezing, vomiting and fever are some of the symptoms of lung cancer.


When your cat is coughing, it might be difficult to tell the exact cause. Taking your cat to the vet might be helpful.

Your vet might examine your cat to identify the exact cause of the sickness. 

Asthma cannot be cured but the vet can assist you with medication to manage it. The medicines will lower the severity of asthma. As the owner of the cat, you must make sure that the cat is living in a clean environment that does not trigger asthma.

Avoid strong fragrances around the cat and minimise dust particles.

Lung cancer can be treated with chemotherapy or radiation. Anti-cancer drugs might also be used. 

Anti-fungal agents or fungal drug therapy can be used to treat the cat with fungal infection.

Pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics. Your cat can be dewormed to treat parasites. 

There is also preventative medicine for parasitic worms.

Make sure that the necktie or bowtie is not too tight on your cat’s neck. Leave room for your cat to breathe.

The Bottom Line

When your cat is coughing, be worried but don’t panic. Take your cat to the vet for a diagnosis. Your vet might identify the main cause and assist you with the treatment plan.

How have you treated a coughing cat? Share your experiences.

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