Cats can survive for seven days without water. 

Some cats are divas when it comes to drinking water from a bowl. 

And, rightfully so. 

If your cat doesn’t drink a lot of water or doesn’t prefer drinking water from the bowl, you should invest in a cat water fountain–especially if you spend a considerable amount of time outside the house. 

In this blog post, we’ll share details about the cat water fountain we offer in our shop. 

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FreakyPet Cat Water Fountain 

Does your cat hardly drink any water? 

Cats who don’t drink water develop several problems like kidney stones, constipation, etc. So, it is important to ensure your kitty is getting all the water she needs! 

A cat water fountain encourages your kitty to drink more water than she normally would. 

Cats prefer drinking from a stream as compared to drinking from a bowl.

The following water not only attracts your kitty but also encourages her to drink more. This is key in preventing Urinary Tract issues–which are extremely common in cats. If your cat prefers eating dry food or kibble, it becomes all the more important to make sure she’s getting all the water she needs.

Here’s What Clients Have to Say… 

  1. Cleo gave this product a five-star review and added, “Just arrived, took less than three weeks to arrive. It works pe, perfect, and my cat loved it!” and also shared a photo of his kitty enjoying the fountain! 
  2. Diana says, “Very good product. Impeccable packaging, very easy to assemble, and my cat loved it!” and gave this water fountain a five-star review. 
  3. Tina also left a five-star review saying, “The cat immediately liked everything, excellent quality. Delivery 3 days!”

So, what do you think about it? 

All in All

So, what are your thoughts about getting a water fountain for your kitty? 

You can check out the Cat Water Fountain in our shop. This water fountain will improve your kitty’s water consumption! It’s a great buy if you’ve got a picky drinker! 

It also works like a charm in a multi-cat household. 

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