I am one of those people who dresses up her pets on Halloween, and I am not ashamed of it. 

I don’t even know how it’s nearly Halloween now! The pandemic has made the time go faster and slower at the same time. Some days last 72 hours for me, while the others just flash by in the blink of an eye. 

I’m sure everybody here feels the same way. 

In the midst of all the craziness that going on in the world, it is easy to forget about things like costume for your cat. In this blog post, I’ll go over some last-minute Halloween costumes for cats. 

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Cat

Take a quick look at some costumes for your kitty. I hope that I prove to be a life-saver for you. 

Or not!

Malier Halloween Cat Costume for Cats

Isn’t this costume adorable? 

I think it makes the purrfect choice for black cats. But, at the same time, is is an easy pick and something a lot of people would choose. It’s a great pick if you didn’t have the time to think of anything this quarantine. 

The costume light in weight and comes with the bat wings and come with two pumpkin bells which are adorable! 

Count Catula Halloween Cat Costume

This costume can be used in two ways: 

If I were you, I would choose the latter since my cat doesn’t like having anything over its head. Of course, yours could be different. What I like about this costume is that it is light in weight and easy to move around in. 

It’s also an easy choice!

Princess Kitty Halloween Cat Costume

Does your cat walk around like she owns the house? 

In that case, this princess costume may be just the right fit for her–I know it will be for mine. The costume features lace detailing. It is easy and comfortable for cats to wear, and quite unique. 

All in All 

Which one of these costumes did you like the best? 

If you have any Halloween cat costume ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments! We would love to go over them, and I would love new ideas for the next Halloween. 

How will you be celebrating the holiday? Leave comments. 

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