Many of us have cats that have lived indoors their whole lives. We have heard horror stories of people who eventually let their cats out as they felt sorry for them, only to have their cats attacked by dogs or even run over by cars. Sometimes cats don’t come back for months, or ever.

Nonetheless, with all these stories, it would still be lovely for our cats to take a look at the outdoors or even enjoy the feel of nature. So how do we, as our cat lovers, give that to our cats? Let’s look at different options:

1.      Build an Outdoor Cage

If you live in a house with a garden, it is possible to build a cage for your cats, connected to the back of the house. You have to build it very carefully making sure that when you open the back door, the cage connects to the door so that upon opening, your cats can literally run and be free. If you build your cats’ cage wide and large enough, you may be able to design it around a tree so that your cats get the pleasure of it. This is the perfect answer to letting your cats enjoy the outdoors safely.

2.      Cat Backpack

Cat backpacks are a great option for cats to see the world around them in a safe, secure and warm place. This way they get to spend time with you and bond with you, even though they stay on your back. Most importantly, they get to see the world around them from the blue sky to the green grass. Just make sure you get a backpack that is as large as possible.

3.      Cat Stroller

Cat strollers are wonderful! Who said strollers only belong to babies and toddlers? After all, cats are our babies. This way they get to see the world and enjoy the sunlight. They get to cross the road with you, look at everything around them, all while getting beautiful fresh air.

4.      Cat Harness

Cat harnesses can be uncomfortable for your cats if they are not used to them. It’s best to use harnesses with them as young as possible. This way you can take them out everyday just for a few minutes and keep long strolls for when you have time. A harness will keep them safe from any possible dangers lurking out there.

5.      Bring the Outdoors Indoors

As an alternative, bring (non-poisonous) plants into the house and many big scratch posts. Make sure there are many surfaces around for your cats to jump around on. There are lovely cat trees to purchase and bring into the house as well.

Very importantly, take note of the following plants that ARE poisonous to cats:

As you can see there are many options to allow your cats to explore the outdoors safely. So just let them have fun!

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