Does your cat not like meeting new people? 

Some cats are shy by nature and like to hide in their safe space when someone new walks into your house. Here are some tips I have that’ll help you socialize your kitty: 

  1. BE PATIENT AND COMPASSIONATEIt can be frustrating to have a shy cat—especially if your friends have come over to play with the kitty. But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t force your kitty to do something she doesn’t as it’ll traumatize her.
  2. ALLOW THE CAT TO APPROACH YOUR GUESTS: Ask your guests to talk to your kitty in a soothing voice and allow her to approach them—not the other way round.
  3. KEEP THINGS POSITIVE: Let your cat decide whether or not she’s comfortable being around friends. If she isn’t comfortable, let her go do her thing! Keep things positive.

Is your cat the social kind? Or does it like to be by itself? Leave comments. 

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