Working from home is fascinating and full of surprises. Your work, pets and family members will be fighting for your attention. Balancing everything at the same time might be dramatic.

Who is Betty the Weather Cat?

Recently an Indiana Chief Meteorologist, Jeff Lyons was surprised by his cat while he was giving a weather forecast live on news channel, 14 News.

He was reporting from home due to social distancing caused by COVID19. As he was giving a report live on television, his 10-year-old fluffy cat called

Betty joined him.

He had to spend the last 30 seconds of the show holding fluffy Betty. 

Betty the Weather Cat Opens an Instagram Account

The appearance of Betty on Television during the weather forecast report has made her become popular, earning the title “Betty the weather cat.”

Lyons now features it on his weather forecast report and it is attracting a huge audience online. Betty the weather cat has fans from South Africa, Canada, Russia, Italy and many other countries 

It has become an internet star.

The cat now has its Instagram account with more than 1000 followers. 

Fan Reactions on Social Media

A fan on Instagram wrote, “Thank you Betty for brightening up our days! Your fan in Maryland!”

Another fan on Twitter posted, “Betty the Weather Cat is a star! She’s officially made it to @NBC_EarlyToday! We want more Betty!”

A Facebook fan commented, “Just saw Betty on the 10 o’clock news. She definitely deserves tuna!”

How are you working from home with your pets around you? Share your experiences. 

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