I don’t know about your cat but, mine likes to stay far away from me during the day because he likes his space. 

He also likes napping everywhere. 


Things change when its the night time because he likes to get into the covers with me and sleep next to me throughout the night. 

This warms my heart up.

However, I wanted to know what this meant for him. Does he like me? Or is he just looking for warmth because it gets colder in the night. 

Let’s find out! 

Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Their Owners?

Did you know that cats feel extremely vulnerable when they’re sleeping?

This is why they like to find a place, or person, that they trust to sleep on.

Yes, you know what that means, right!?

When your kitty likes to sleep next to you or on you, she basically feels safe and secure around you! She trusts you so much that she’s willing to sleep on you.

Now, this stuff is really warming my heart up!

That’s not all, though.


While it is true that your kitty does trust you, there’s another factor.

Your cat also wants to keep herself warm. In fact, cats love the heat that they get from their humans and they also enjoy your cozy little duvet and blanket as it provides them with some extra warmth.

Your cat loves the fact that you’re are a human hot water bottle!

There is no doubt that your cat loves you and wants to spend time with you, but she also want to tell you she loves you by spending time with you.

Cats don’t like to be alone – despite what you may think about them being independent!

Does your cat love cuddling? Let us know in the comments… 

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  1. My cat likes to sleep on me in bed but he won’t sit on my knee and he doesn’t like getting lifted.

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