Known as the original grumpy cat, the Palla’s cat is a small wildcat found in Central Asia. These cats have gone viral on the Internet several times because of their unusual and adorable looks.

The cat has a stocky build, flattened, rounded face and is extremely fluffy which makes it look plush and stout. 

The Cat Only Weighs 3 Kilograms

The fluff is only there to create an illusion of the kitty being heavy. In reality, the cat merely weights 3kgs or 10 pounds. All the fluff exists to intimidate competitors!

The Pupils are Unusual

With every member of the feline family, the pupils contract into vertical slits. This is on the case with the Palla’s cat as this kitty’s pupils contract into small circles. 

They Aren’t Good Runners 

Palla’s Cats aren’t very good at running. In fact, you can even call them lazy runners as they’d rather hide in small crevasses or on boulders when chased. 

Their Scientific Name Has A Special Meaning

Okay, the meaning is not so special. 

The scientific name of this species is Otocolobus manul which, in Greek, means ‘ugly-eared.’

Not too nice, right?  


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