Has your child been begging you to adopt a cat? 

There comes an age when children want to have pets of their own. However, as much as they enjoy playing with the pet and cuddling up with them, when it comes to the not-so-fun part, the children are nowhere to be seen! 

So, what do you do? 

In this blog post, I will go through some of the cat responsibilities your children can help out with.

Let’s get started!

Feeding the Kitty

You can give feeding responsibilities to your child as they aren’t something too complicated or something that they might find challenging. 

Not only does proper feeding keep your kitten healthy, it also creates a strong bond between her and your child. Your child should know how often they must feed the cat, the kinds of food to give, etc. 

Purchasing the food: If you’ve got a teenager or an older child, you can entrust them with buying a quality food product from a trusted brand for the cat. 

Basic Care

Your kitty needed the best love and care your child can provide. Of course, you can also get in for some cuddles! Here are some cat care responsibilities:

*Taking care of the cat’s hygiene giving her a bath 

*Grooming the cat which includes brushing the coat and teeth, giving the kitty some quality play time, etc. 

*Taking the cat for vaccinations, regular health check-ups, etc.

Teaching Your Child About Safe Space

It’s no secret that cats like to have their space. So, you should teach your kids to allow the cat to have a human-free zone in the house—a place the cat can retreat to whenever she wants some alone time. 

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