Alright, I know that no one likes talking about diarrhea but, it’s something that needs to be done when you’re a pet parent.

Does your kitten have diarrhea?

It is okay to be alarmed if your kitty is feeling under the weather—especially if it is your first cat. In this blog post, I will talk about what causes diarrhea in kittens and help you out with the situation that you have.

Let’s get started!

A Quick Look at Why Kittens Get Diarrhea

In this section of the blog post, I will go through some of the reasons why kittens get diarrhea in the first place.

Let’s get started.


Some studies link stress to diarrhea in kittens. Your kitty is going through many changes in a short span of time—no wonder she’s stressed out! Using pheromones at home can help you out in this case.

Dietary Problems

It’s only logical to think that diarrhea is related to food, right?

Some kittens get diarrhea because they are intolerant to something in their food. Sudden changes in your cat’s diet—like switching brands—may also be one of the reasons why your kitten got diarrhea in the first place.

In some cases, eating human food may also result in a kitten getting diarrhea.

Medical Problems

Certain underlying medical issues cause kittens to have diarrhea. These include inflammatory issues, panleukopenia, immune disorders, etc.  


Parasites and other bacterial infections may cause kittens to have diarrhea. Common infections include giardia, tritrichomonas, and coccidia. Campylobacter and Clostridium are bacteria that can cause kitten diarrhea.

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