Cat lovers know these behaviors by heart and don’t bother them any.

But if you’re new to the cat kingdom, well, you may freak out initially, but help is here so do sit down and we will give you a quick lesson in Feline Behavior 101.

Nuzzling against you. When a cat loves you and trusts you, they rub their sleek, furry bodies against your leg, saying, “I love ya, too, human!”

Rolling on the floor. They do that when they catch your eye. Shows off, rolls around, even on inclined surfaces – a sign they’re relaxed.

Attacking wiggling toes. They’re born playful. Anything that moves is fair game for these awesome, funny creatures that make us laugh a whole lot.

Snubbing you. They’re full. And you’re a fool to keep bugging them, wondering if they still love you. Come meal time, they’re friendly.

Giving you her loudest meow. Hunger knows no bounds to the wily cat. Feed her fast, or she’ll wake up the whole neighborhood or alert the dogs.

Going around in circles. They do that when they’re trying to find the most comfortable position. Cats are zen monks. Still, once they’re comfy.

Appropriating your work. Those who love you best will be jealous of your work. They will cover your paperwork, sit on your laptop, or on your book.

Knead your lap. Seems their mom taught them that – milk-treading – where they knead at her for their milk.

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