A good night’s sleep is really important and it’s annoying when you are woken up by a cat that won’t stop meowing.

With my kitty I tried everything!

From giving him food and water to playing with him. But, he’d wake me up at an ungodly hour every night! 

In this blog post, I want to talk about why cats meow at night.

So, let’s begin!

  1. Changing houses can induce anxiety in cats and is a reason why  your kitty is meowing or whining at night.
  2. Your cat may be bored and wants you to play with her. 
  3. Your cat is hungry or thirsty and wants you to provide for her!
  4. Older cats may be suffering from dementia and the confusion that comes with it. 
  5. These might me something wrong with your kitty’s health.
  6. Your new and tiny little kitten may be scared. 
  7. If you’ve adopted an older cat, she may be feeing lonely as they’re used to having other kitties around at the shelter. 
  8. Another cat may be disturbing your kitty.

Still, have no idea why your kitty is meowing at night? Let me know in the comments section, and we’ll figure it out… 

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  1. I am owned by 2 Maine Coon boy cats, and a little moggy girl that was adopted. The boys love running around the house playing at night and making chirping growly noises, to a possible intruder it must sound like a lion or tiger lives here don’t enter:) Little Chrissy will park somewhere and sleep her little butt off, when she get prowling at night she will go after gheko’s or moths or just anything that moves, now this sparks the boys to also go “hunting” they move paintings, knock ornaments over and create a mini war zone in an attempt to “hunt” down the intruding insect. Believe me in the morning it looks like a war zone or house break-in! During the day these three angels sleep their furry butts off and just wait for the sun to set and of course the humans to finally go to bed to have their nightly romp around the house.

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