Known as the world’s tiniest wild cat, the Rusty-Spotted Cat is found in parts of India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. The species has been listed near-threatened or ‘NT’ by the  International Union for Conservation of Nature

This cute little cat is adorable to look at. Weighing only 1.6 kg, the wildcat steals a lot of hearts. 

However, you may not spot this cutie easily. 



Predominantly nocturnal by nature, the Rusty-Spotted Cat can be spotted only during the brief window of time when it comes out during daylight hours. These cats are rather shy and can be found hiding from predators in caves and trees. 

When it comes to food, these felines dine on fine cuisines like insects, frogs, and lizards. Described as a miniature version of leopards, the rusty-spotted cat can fit into your palm when curled up. 

Can I domesticate a rusty-spotted cat? 

No. The rusty-spotted cat, no matter how tiny or cute it may seem to be, is a wild cat tat cannot be domesticated. 

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