In last week’s blog post, I talked about what it means when your kitty sleeps next to you. There was a lot of debate in the comments section as to whether or not you should let your furry friend sleep next to you.

And, in this blog post, that’s something that I wanted to go over. 

Let’s get started!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to letting your pet sleep with you on your bed. 

I believe that every person is different which is why I think you should decide this on your own. So, I have decided to share the pros and cons of letting your kitty sleep in your bed. 

Here we go. 

Pros Of Your Cat Sleeping With You

Following are some of the pros of letting your cat sleep with you in your bed:

Bond with your cat – As with any relationship, the more time you spend with your furry friend, the greater your bond will be. Most people are under the false assumption that cats are independent and don’t need a lot of time and attention—that’s just bonkers!

Cons Of Your Cat Sleeping With You

Where do you stand in this debate? Do you let your cat sleep on your bed? Let us know in the comments.

11 Responses

  1. I’m in my mid-60s and have been sleeping with cats since I was a teenager. I’ve found that cats adjust to our rhythms and routines and most of mine sleep through the night with me. My husband had never had cats but he’s adjusted quite well and has had no adverse affects.

  2. What is the point of having a cat if they don’t sleep 💤 with you. They love it as much as I do

  3. I absolutely love sleeping with my two fur babies. In fact I’m a “mommy sandwich”, one in the bend of my knees, on top of the covers, and the other curled against my stomach, under the covers. Nothing makes me feel more loved, and it calms me to sleep. My husband and I love waking up each morning with all our “ family” in the bed. We have no human children, only feline children😻😻

  4. I always sleep with my cat, since I was a kid. Nothing happened. But my cats always stays inside.
    As to the hair it’s a little problem. Anyway when you have a cat all your clothes have plenty of cat hair.

  5. My cat is welcome in my bed! I have slept with cats since age 5, and suffered no ill effects. I can always wash my sheets. You can’t beat that warm cozy purring kitty next to you all night long.

  6. We have a dozen all-indoor cats and just about all of them sleep with us! While I agree that cats allowed outdoors would be more likely to bring unpleasant things into the bed, I also firmly believe they shouldn’t be outside to begin with! Yes, they take awhile to settle down sometimes but the warmth and comfort we all get from them being there with us far outweighs any negative aspects 😻❤️

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