Are you wondering if your female cat is in heat? 

Some female kitties go into their first estrus cycle when they’re just six months old which comes as a surprise to their humans. So, if you have an unspayed kitty around that age, there are some signs you need to look out for. 

Let’s take a look.  


Restlessness and an increased appetite are the earliest signs of a cat in her estrus cycle. You may also have some tomcats gathering around your place because your cat’s pheromones may be attracting them. 

Weird Sounds

If your cute kitty has been making some sounds that are downright weird, she’s probably in heat. When a female cat is in heat, she makes alarming noises that can make you think that she’s in pain. 

Increase in affectionate behavior

Has your cat been showing you some increased affection?Cats in heat demand affection from their owners by rubbing against them, rolling on the floor, demanding attention, etc. 

Butts in the air

No, we’re not talking about the latest music videos on MTV! 

If your kitty raises her hips to stick her butt in the air when you stroke her back, it is a definitive sign that she’s in heat and receptive to a mate. She may also look for chances to escape your house and find a mate. 

Getting a kitten over the age of five spayed is something we highly recommend to protect her from getting feline HIV, getting pregnant way too early, or getting lost. 

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