Are you in for some spooky and fun cat videos? 

I feel that cat videos act as an instant pick me up–especially during this pandemic. So, I would like to spread the love, happiness, and positivity by sharing some of the best cat videos that I have come across in October. 

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I would like to go over some of the best Halloween-themed videos. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Halloween Cat Videos: October 2020 Edition

Okay, let me warn you. 

These videos aren’t really spooky. I just wanted to use the word because it seems cool during the Halloween season. But, these videos are just regular, Halloween-themed cat videos. 

I hope that’s okay with you!

Summing Up: Spooky Cat Videos

Well, some of the videos were spooky and crazy, weren’t they? 

I’ve been going on a cat video binge for the past few days, and I think I have watched every cat video there is on the Internet. 

Which one of these cat videos did you like the most? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. 

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