Cats are not the friendly creatures as dogs are, the latter being a more rambunctious type.


Cats are normally more reserved, and thus, it’s a bit difficult to know if they are A-okay, so how do you know they are suffering from stress?

 Here’s how you can detect if they need a visit to the veterinarian, or to be left alone, or perhaps a little more love and care:

Excessive grooming. No, there’s no party, but they’re losing a bit more fur in the process.

Excessive hiding. At the first sight of humans or animals, feline hides first place that will accommodate her furry bod.

Excessive sleeping. Your feline creature sleeps like there’s no tomorrow or sometimes, they can’t sleep at all.

Excessive vocalization. Cats are noisy when they’re hungry. But to go on and on like some soprano or tenor, means something’s up.

Excessive restlessness. Cats go around in circles, finding the most comfortable position. If you get dizzy watching them, something’s not right.

Excessive aggression. Cats are instinctive and avoid trouble at all costs, but if they’re scratching poor, quiet dog, they are stressed.


Of course, you may also have noticed that the key word among the seven giveaways is the word “excessive”.

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