If there’s one thing we love more than our cat… it’s cat books! There’s nothing quite like curling up with a great read, with our fluffy kitty by our side. When we traveled with our cat Yoda in a van, it was one of my favorite ways to spend time in a beautiful new area. 

Whether you’re looking for humor, advice, or a bedtime story — we’ve picked out our favorite feline reading for you to browse.

Here’s the purrfect mixture of the best cat books for toddlers, non-fiction cat books on behavior and wellness & those giggle-inducing reads we love for the cat-centric home’s coffee table!

The Best Cat Books for Cat Lovers

If you’re a first-time cat parent, you may be overwhelmed with all the things you need to know about your kitty. Our selection of cat books for beginners can be a super helpful resource. 

With so many books on the market regarding cat health and behavior, we’ve narrowed down the choices to the ones we think are worth every penny! The best information to guide you on everything from feline nutrition to purrfect playtime.

Then there’s those smile-inducing gifts and premium options for feline-friendly cat decor!

And of course, as bedtime stories stay ever-popular, if you and your family are feline lovers, I’ve picked out the coziest, cuddliest options for those special nighttime moments. 

Here’s our pick of the best cat reads to brighten up your day! 

Non-Fiction Cat Books

Meow: A Book of Happiness for Cat Lovers 

Definitely a showy coffee table number, this gorgeous book is lined with amazing photography and iconic quotes. A lovely lifestyle piece for a decor flourish, it’s also an excellent read for that evening wind-down while you cuddle with your furball. Or an amazing gift!

The Tribe Of The Tiger

This New York Times bestseller is written by the amazing anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, inspired by the sight of her house cat scaring away two large deer! You’ll learn all, about the links between our domesticated felines and their wild cousins — looking at the subtle similarities and differences between them. It’s AMAZING!

The Cat’s House

Bob Walker and Frances Mooney built the ULTIMATE cat’s house, installing runners, levels, scratchers, and all kinds of amazing features for his felines to enjoy. Get some interior inspiration and enjoy the documentation of everything they created in this quirky read. We’re loving the cat bookshelf!

Fiction Cat Books

When You Love A Cat

An adorable short story, this book encapsulates everything we love about our feline friends. The way they choose us, their highly intelligent nature, and the honest and strong bonds we experience with them. Perfect as a meaningful gift, or as a reminder of your own bond with your fur friend. 

I Am A Cat

This beautiful story was written by one of Japan’s most beloved authors – Soseki Natsume. A quirky and interesting look at Japanese society in the 20th Century, all from the perspective of one noble house cat. Perfect for anyone who likes a bit of classic literature!


This tense, sci-fi story is a firm favorite among avid readers. In a world where cats and dogs, among other animals, are fighting against humanity – we have an insight into their minds and discussions. Morte the cat falls in love with the dog next door, and when the war comes to their doorsteps — drama unfolds! A total page-turner and perfect for reading under the covers.

Funny Cat Books

I Could Pee On This

If you’re looking for some light-hearted fun, I Could Pee On This is a quirky, witty, and hilarious poetry anthropology all from a cat’s perspective. Sharing some honest and eye-watering truths about sharing a home with our feline pals, and exactly what they might think of us! Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or simply a gift for you — you’ll be guaranteed some laughs. (Just so you know — there’s some adult language in this one, so it’s probably not a bedtime story kind of read!)

My Life In A Cat House

Gwen Cooper grew up as a dog lover. But after adopting her very first rescue kitten — everything changed. Soon one rescue cat turns into five! And in eight stories full of laughter and love, this book shows that life with our furry companions is never boring!

The Grumpy Guide to Life: Observations from Grumpy Cat

The Instagram sensation himself, Grumpy Cat, has written a book! In a world filled with inspirational quotes and productivity hacks — Grumpy Cat is the perfect antidote. Telling truths the way only our cat’s know-how, this guide gives you a cat’s perspective on life, love, friendship, and more. The photos alone are enough to have you cracking up!

Cat Advice Books

How To Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language

If you’ve ever wondered how to read a cat’s behavior, this is the book for you! Dr. Gary Weitzman, one of the best authors for cat books, is a widely loved veterinarian. In this amazing book, he explains the ins and outs of understanding your cat’s behavior, and what they are really saying to you every day. 

Clicker Training For Cats 

Looking for cat training books for beginners? This amazing guide to clicker training is a fantastic guide to getting the most out of your bond with your cat. Teach your furball to come when called, play without biting, do some cool party tricks, and more!

Playtime for Cats: Activities and Games for Felines

Want to ensure you give your kitty the happiest time indoors? This amazing resource on enrichment for cats is chock full of ideas to get you started. With cute photos and accessible solutions for modifying your cat’s environment — all their sensory needs will be met!

Cat Books For Kids

Collecting Cats

Full of surprises and colorful illustrations, this cat-centric story is a perfect bedtime read for little animal lovers. They’ll enjoy picking out all the different moggies on each page, oodles of laughter and surprise awaits — especially with the twist at the end!

They All Saw A Cat

In this gentle, rhythmic story, rising storybook talent Brendan Wenzel takes young readers on a walk alongside a curious cat. Igniting curiosity and imagination, it’s the perfect cat book for toddlers in your life. 

A Kid’s Guide to Cats

An amazing informative guide to looking after cats, designed specifically for children who are keen to welcome a feline into their life. With colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand photographs throughout, it not only covers all the basics but also has some fun DIY toy ideas included too! The best kids cat care book we’ve come across for sure. 

Bonus Book Picks

NAKEYS: An Adult Coloring Book

I love coloring books, for the soothing and creative mood they put me in. And for all the hairless cat lovers out there, this looks like such a fun book to dive into. Plus, a portion of the profits from the sale of this book goes toward the research of HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) — which is lovely too. 

Shop Cats of New York

Maybe it’s the wanderlust in us, but this photography book looks AMAZING. Shop Cats of New York introduces forty of New York’s favorite felines—all of who have an extraordinary story to tell. They inhabit New York City’s most legendary and coziest spots—the Algonquin Hotel, a whiskey distillery, Bleecker Street Records, and a host of yoga studios, bookstores, and bike shops in between. How cool would it be to dive into this on a chilly day?

Cats on Catnip 

Because what’s not to love about our furballs feeling happy and carefree on their favorite herb of choice! Professional pet photographer and self-confessed crazy cat man Andrew Marttila captures a range of the cats’ silly and expressive personalities as they react to their catnip trip. Super fun!

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