You know that you should brush your cat to ensure that they’re clean and free of disease.

This helps you keep your kitty clean and free of pests while ensuring that she won’t shed all over your house and clothes. Rogue cat fur everywhere is one of the biggest sources of frustration for cat owners.

And the vacuum cleaner!

In this blog post, I’ll tell you about one of the newest inventions on the block that scientists made after analyzing the unique structure of the feline tongue to create a hair brush for kitties.

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Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta researched the unusual texture of a cat’s tongue and created the perfect grooming tool for your feline friend. The team paid special attention to the papillae on a feline tongue.

The papillae on a cat’s tongue are made from keratin have hollow endings.

During the research phase, the scientists realized that the papillae are efficient at drawing saliva and spreading it all over the kitty’s fur. The scientists studies 6 different types of cats and identified four stages of cat grooming:

They looked into how kitties use their tongues for grooming. This inspired the team to try and mimic it with a 3D printer.

With the help of brush that the team has created, it is now easier to remove allergens from cat fur or help spread medications or lotions more thoroughly.

Awesome, right? Would you buy this brush for your kitty? Let us know in the comments…

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  1. My Maine coon hates brushing and I’ve tried many different products so if this is more natural feeling for her I’d definitely be interested in trying it

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