Does your cat try to shove you away when you’re giving her the cuddles? 

Mine does! 

My cat loves it when I pet or stroke her, but that doesn’t stop her from biting or swiping at me when she’s had enough! I used to think that something was wrong with my cat until I realized that I wasn’t stroking her right! 

In this blog post, I’ll share a secret with you. 

It’s How They’re Wired

Your kitty’s brain is wired to think like that of a wildcat’s. As you may already know, wild cats live solitary lives and communicate indirectly. On the other hand, humans are social, which is why we prefer proximity and touch when displaying affection. 

Cats are just way too cute to us, and it’s only natural for us to be drawn to them. However, the way we show affection to our kitties can be a little overwhelming for them. 

Here’s the right way to stroke a cat

It is important that you provide your kitty with as much choice and control while petting her as possible. So, your cat gets the ultimate say in whether or not she wants to be petted, how long she’d like to be touched, etc. 

Self-restraint is something you need to learn, my friend. 

According to research, interactions with kitties last longer when the cat initiates them. You also should keep a close eye on the kitty’s posture and behavior to ensure she’s comfortable.



Here are some signs that your kitty is enjoying the encounter: 

Here are some signs that your kitty isn’t into it: 

Respect Their Boundaries

Cats like having their personal space which is why it is crucial to respect their boundaries and interact with them when they initiate it. This will help you develop a stronger bond with your feline friend!

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