You must have come across images of Perdita which have been making rounds on the Internet for a few days.

The original post on the Mitchell County Animal Rescue’s Official Facebook Page reads, “We thought she was sick, turns out she’s just a jerk. “he 4 year old feline was brought to the shelter on Christmas eve and looked adorable rolling around in her little bed. 

But, the moment anyone tried to touch the adorable little kitty, she slapped them!

The socially-awkward kitty tried to lure people into getting their hands inside her cage by looking adorable. However, the moment she has them where she wants them to be, things end badly.

The vets say that she’s simply a jerk!

Among the things that Perdita dislikes are the color pink, Disney movies, dogs, kittens, children, Christmas, Disney movies, and hugs. 

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  1. I have one just as “jerky” as Perdita! Her name is Pooty. The vet said she was probably hit by a car, which is why she has a non-union, very old, healed off fracture on her right front leg. She looks so pathetic as she thumps around on it. Until she beats the stuffing out of you with it. And she purrs while she does it! And if another cat climbs up on your lap, she’ll smack them too because she’s jealous. She was the smallest, weakest, newest member of the cat clan when she arrived on my back porch during an ice storm, nearly dead. She taught me a toughness I couldn’t seem to learn from humans. Wouldn’t trade her for the world. But I do need help when trimming her nails! Hahahaha!

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