There is a lovely story in West Virginia, about a beautiful male cat, Pretty Boy, who had no qualms about being doctor, nurse, and nanny to a few lucky goats.

Very strange indeed, but hear out this story.

Pretty Boy, a beautiful, fluffy, ginger cat seems to have taken on great love for goats, especially pregnant mama goat, Copper.

The handsome cat seems to have been a doctor in another life, or so he thinks, for he has taken on the dutiful role of caring for the pregnant Copper, even happily sitting atop the very-pregnant goat, and doing what one would call a “Goat Midwife Manner”, massaging her belly in preparation for labor.

As if that was not enough, he takes on the role of a nurse, too, as he stays beside the exhausted Copper, keeping her company as she gets back her strength.

Now, he also wore another cat hat by appointing himself nanny to all three kids, keeping a sharp cat eye to their whereabouts, making sure they had not galloped astray.

Nope, Pretty Boy was not crazy about the other pregnant goats but he was certainly nuts about caring for lucky Copper.

Last time we heard, he took an exception to another goat and also watched closely over this one.

These days, Pretty Boy gracefully walks atop the wooden cage, making sure all is perfect in his goat kingdom.

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