Have you ever seen a cat fall unexpectedly? 

It is amazing just how the cat always lands on its feet! 

And, there is a reason behind it! Let’s take a look. 

This special ability is actually called the cat righting reflex which appears when the cat is only a 3-4 weeks old and they are able to master it by 6 weeks of age. 

But how does the cat do this? 

Well, cats have a flexible backbone. In fact, we can go ahead and call their backbones unusually flexible. Now this, added to the fact that cats don’t have a collar bone makes landing on feet really easy! 

And, cats without a tail also have this reflex! 

This is because cats also move their hind legs at an angle—a process in which the tail has a little to no use. 

That’s amazing, right!? 

I guess cats do have nine lives. 

Did you know that cat righting reflex was a thing? Let me know in the comments section! 

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  1. My 10 week old Roscoe came to me one day walking backwards pulling a half of s bunny and was really pulling hard but finally got to me and sat it next to my feet as if to say ” Look Mommie what I got !! I always accept their presents and thank them give them a treat so they know they did good!! I have a very special cat named Bunny ! He’s black has 5 toes on each foot and he has bunny feet and legs in the back and a little bunny tail ! The vet said it probably happened at birth and then he was abandoned! He is so sweet and love able! When he runs his back legs hop like a bunny ! But he can run faster and jump higher than my other cats! He greets everyone who comes to the house by rolling over on his back for his tummy to be rubbed ! I just love him to pieces! He has bright green eyes ! I call them Elvis eyes !

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