You might have adopted or bought your cat because of its looks, colour or the type of hair that it has. Probably you have come across a cat in the streets and wondered about its breed.

Or maybe you have seen a cat from a TV and left shell shocked about its looks and behaviour.

Let’s take a loot at some of the most common cat breeds. 

Most likely you have seen it on commercials but you don’t know about its breed. This breed is well known for its long hair and it originated from Persia which is now Iran.

It is a lovely peaceful cat that prefers gentle environment and it is commonly domesticated by many households. You can keep its fur clean by brushing it daily to avoid knots and by bathing it regularly.

This cat loves attention and it is vocal. It meows like a crying human being baby. If you enjoy travelling with your cats, Siamese is not your type.

It is an indoor cat.

The Siamese cat was bred in Thailand and it has led to the creation of Himalayan, Sphynx and Oriental shorthair breeds.

It can be identified by dark patches on ears, feet, face and tail. It comes in different colours and you can be entertained by it because of its playful nature. 

This cat originated from New England and it is well known for being intelligent. It can be easily trained.

The cat reaches its maturity stage at the age of 3 years to five years. It is a friendly cat that accommodates dogs and children.

You can be followed wherever you go by this giant cat. The cat has extra toes that make it a great mouse hunter. 

This is a gentle cat that cannot stand the street fight making it a lovely cat that can play with kids. It can grow bigger and weigh more than 20lbs. The cat can easily limp away from your hands, like a rag doll, hence the origin of its name.

They are also referred to as puppy cats due to their dog traits. It follows the owner around the premises all day.

This breed can sleep by your side but does not need human attention. It is well known for its grey-blue coat.

The cat is popularly used on TV shows and films.

If you have watched the Garfield movie, Arlene character is a British shorthair breed. It can be maintained easily, brushing it once a week. The cat needs extra care in the spring season as it sheds more hair. 

This breed descended from the British shorthair breed. It is can survive for more than 20 years and it is very strong and athletic. 

It is a friendly cat that can easily get along with children and dogs. You don’t have to be worried about cleaning it because its short fur requires low maintenance.

Birmans look like Ragdolls and they have dark spots on the tail, ears, face and legs. They originated from Burma and they were used to guard temples.

The cat is well known for its blues eyes. It loves playing and dislikes being left alone for a longer period of time. Secure your breakables when Birmans are around. 

The cat is well known for its folded ears. And it originated from Scotland. It is a sweet lovely cat that cat play with other pets in your house.

Scottish can get easily attached to a particular family member. You can keep its fur shiny by brushing it once a week and bathing it once a month. 

They like playing and they can even play in the water, unlike other cats. It can be identified by its large pointy ears and long body.

The cat originated from Ethiopia which was originally Abyssinia. The Abyssinian loves heights. 

The breed originated in Devonshire, England. It can be identified with its slender body and tall ears. Devon rex is playful like monkeys. It is also intelligent it can learn new tricks easily but you will have a hard time convincing it.

I would not mind having a gentle Rag Doll cat in my house. My energetic toddler will enjoy playing with it knowing fully that it won’t scratch him.  What about you? 

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