You might be wondering whether your cat sitting next to you is also watching the television program with you.

Yes, it’s possible.

Cats can also watch television programs for amusement and entertainment!

Which Videos are Best for Kitties?

As much as you have your favourite programs that you watch, cats also have their favourite programs.

Your cats can be attracted to the television programs which show nature.

The films which show birds, mouse, and fish can be watched by cats. Cats like to prey these creatures, therefore seeing them on television can entertain them.

Cats that spend their time resting indoors don’t have access to the outdoor lifestyle; therefore television can be an alternative. 

Some Videos That Your Cat Can Enjoy Watching

Videos can entertain and stimulate your cat. There are television channels such as Cats 24/7 from Pluto TV which targets cats. However, you can find some videos on Youtube that can amuse your cat. 

  1. This video is available on YouTube and can amuse cats. It shows birds picking up seeds. 

  1. This video on YouTube can fascinate your cats. It shows food, birds, toys, fish and other things that might draw the attention of your cat. 


Things to watch out when cats are watching the television

Make sure that your cat is not too close to the television screen. The screen light might hurt the eyes of your lovely cat.

Your cat might react to those television films and try to prey on the television fish.

Your beautiful television screen might be broke by an aggressive cat. Make sure that you monitor your cat when it is watching television programs. 

Which videos fascinate your cat? Share your experiences.

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