Has your kitty been a little extra affectionate lately?

When I come home from work, my cat likes to follow me around almost everywhere—even to the loo!—like my little helper. It’s something I find adorable and yet, sometimes, even annoying.

I always wonder why my cat does this. 

If you wonder the same, then, you’re in luck because, in this blog post, I will answer the questions, “What does it mean if my cat follows me around?” in as much detail as I can.

Let’s begin. 

What Does It Mean If My Cat Follows Me Around? 

One of the most common reasons why your cat is following you around is that the behavior stems from when your cat was a tiny little kitten. Cats are known to be independent creatures but, they do follow their mothers around which is also known as the mother-kitten connection.

So, this behavior may be carried forward from your cat’s kitten days. 

A kitten follows it’s mother from place to place because she’s provided with food, play, safety, and affection—which is something that you provide for your kitty from the day that you bring her home.

So, in a way, your cat treats you like its parent!

Sweet, right? 

Is this a sign of love and affection?

Yes, your cat following you around, in fact, is a sign of love and affection! 

This means that your cat has chosen you to be its favorite person ever and wants everyone to know just that. This also means that your cat may follow you around because she misses you when you’re not around or are not home and available for her as much as she’d like you to be. 


Your cat following you around everywhere is a sign that she loves you and wants to be near you. 

If you haven’t been available to your kitty as much as you used to be, chances are that your cat may be missing you and is extra loving and affectionate towards you. In any case, your kitty has chosen you to be her favorite person in the entire world.

Doesn’t that feel just too amazing? 

Why do you think your cat follows you around? Let us know in the comments section!

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