Did you stumble across a cute bundle of meowing fur but have no clue what to call it?

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What is a Group of Cats Called?

Perhaps to any common man, a group of cats is called a ‘litter’. That’s the term we are all familiar with when it comes to a bunch of cute purring animals. But in reality, a group of kittens being born within a day to the same mother is known as ‘litter.’

Besides that, a group of cat attains different names depending on factors like their location, members of the group, among others. Here are a few:


The most relevant and popular term for a group of cats is a clowder. It is an ancient Latin word derived from an Afro-Asian origin word that means ‘wild cats’. 


In general, if a group of five cats is formed, it is called clatter.


The term for a group of young cats is a ‘kindle of kittens.’ It is formed when the kittens are not blood-related and stick together as a means of social bonding.  


A group of stray cats living together in a particular territory can be called a colony.   

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