Wondering when your kitty will go in heat? 

Cats go in heat when they are quite young in age and face emotional turmoil even before they go into heat. This is the time period when female cats can get pregnant and usually lasts for about 4-5 days. 

This is the type of experience that most cat owners would rather do away with. 

So, if you don’t wish to have tiny kittens running around any time soon, you should consider getting your cat spayed. 

In this blog post, we will answer the question, “When do cats go in heat?” in as much detail as possible.

Cats and Heat: What to Expect? 

Female cats will usually go into heat by the time they reach the 6 months mark.

However, certain environmental factors may even cause it to happen more quickly. Also, certain breed such as the Siamese is known to go into heat as early as it reaches the age of 4 months.

Other breeds can go into heat 10 months old before they go into heat. 

Signs Your Cat is in Heat

When a cat goes into heat, her meow may sound more like a howl and she’ll be more affectionate toward you, other cats and even your furniture!

You cat would be rubbing herself against almost anything and purring loudly.

She’ll also hold her tail straight up and will raise her rear as a response to the slightest provocation. Your kitty may also spray urine and make a run for the outdoors to find a mate any and every chance she gets.


As an adolescent, your kitty will experience a surge in her levels of estrogen that will cause her to go into heat for about a week. This cycle will repeat every two to three weeks. During this time she may have a small amount of vaginal discharge, which will appear bloody.

Cats tend to breed in the spring and summer and then give birth about 65 days after conception. A cat can go back into heat one week to one month after delivering kittens.

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