Have you watched videos of cats getting scared by cucumbers? 

These videos became viral sometime last year, and people tried scaring their cats at home as well and were pleasantly surprised to see them react to it. 

But, why are cats afraid of cucumbers? 

Find out what’s going on as we answer this question in this blog post. 

Keep reading to learn more. 

Why Are Cats Afraid of Cucumbers? 🥒 

Scaring your cat and watching her jump can be entertaining, but there’s an evolutionary reason to your cat being scared by a cucumber. 

Cucumbers look a lot like snakes, so a cat’s natural instincts kick in when they sense a cucumber near them. 

Just like us, cats are equipped with an instinctive fear of reptiles—especially snakes. Your cat’s reaction is actually a potentially life-saving one. 

Bananas have the same effect on cats. But, a banana won’t scare a cat like a cucumber would. 


That’s because bananas have a distinctive smell that make them appear “safe” to cats. 

There’s Another Reason, Though! 

Cats don’t like it when something sneaks up on them. As cats are predators, they like to sneak up on their prey in order to successfully hunt it. 

Naturally, they don’t like it being done to them.

Summing Up 

Cats and cucumbers don’t get along because of two main reasons: 

While scaring your cat may be fun, it has long-term psychological effects. So, try to keep the pranks to the minimum so that your cat doesn’t feel unsafe or stressed at your home. 

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