It is normal that your cat may have hot ears. Normally cats have a higher temperature than human beings. Their normal temperature ranges between 37.5 ºC to 39.1ºC.

However, you should be worried if your cat is showing other abnormal symptoms. 

Things that cause the cat’s ears to be hot

  1. Fever

A cat that has fever might have hot ears. If the ears of your cat are too hot, you might consider visiting the vet for further examination. Your vet might determine the cause. 

  1. Allergy

If the ears are hot and reddish, your cat might be suffering from allergy. Your feline friend might be allergic to certain fleas, food, bacteria, and other things. The vet might know better what causes the ears to be hot and red. 

  1. Infection

Your cat might be infected by various bacteria if the ears’ temperature is higher than normal. Diseases such as otitis can result in a change in temperature. 

  1. Heat exposure

Your cat might have been sun-basking for long, hence the change of temperature. The temperature might change within a few minutes if you put the cat away from the heat source.

  1. Regulating body temperature

A cat uses its ears to regulate its body temperature. Your cat’s ears have more blood vessels and they might become hot when blood is circulating. 

What should I do if my cat’s ears are hot?

If you suspect that the temperature of your cat’s ears is abnormal, you can take the temperature of your cat. You should also monitor your cat. If the temperatures remain higher, you may take your cat to the vet for a diagnosis.

If your cat has fleas, ticks, and other bacteria, you must treat it. Bacteria can cause inflammation making your cat uncomfortable. Your cat might scratch itself trying to soothe away the pain.

Monitor your cat and determine food or clothing material that your cat is allergic to.

How to clean your cat’s ears?

Monitoring your cat’s ears can make you pick the unusual trend. However, the cat’s ears are sensitive you should monitor them with care.

You can check your cat’s ears when you are grooming it.

Avoid touching the ears of your cat. Just look inside and outside of the ears without touching them. Do not insert anything inside the ears. You might hurt the eardrums of your cat. Besides that, your cat might not be comfy. 

If the ears of your cat are dirty, visit the vet. Do not clean them by yourself, you might hurt and distress your cat. The vet might be in a better position to clean them for you. 

Take away

If your cat’s ears are hot, do not panic. Monitor your cat regularly, and if the situation persists; contact your vet. The vet will diagnose your cat and get it treated before its late. Your cat’s ears are delicate avoid being the home-based vet if you do not have the expertise. 

How often do you check the temperature of your cat’s ears? Share your experiences

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