Does your cat act funny when you sneeze? 

It’s not just your cat! All cats act weird when they hear someone sneeze and in this blog post, I will go through why cats act funny when sneezing. 

The truth is that cats don’t like loud and excessive noises and so, jump or run away whenever they hear you sneeze. They have nothing against you or your sneeze. 

If your cat jumps or runs away whenever you sneeze, that is because they associate it with some adverse event that happened in their life. 

This is especially true when your kitty was adopted from a shelter. 

Some cats chirp when you sneeze which essentially means “God bless you.”

Kitties also get agitated when you sneeze which means that your sneeze is somewhat an inconvenience to the kitty. 

How does your cat react when you sneeze? Let me know in the comments section…

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  1. My cat Darcy, chirps whenever we sneeze, I figured it was because we were disturbing his sleep, but I like the idea of him saying “God Bless You” more. Thank you.

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