While cats meow, they also chirp, and that’s something that will make someone unfamiliar with cats raise his eyebrows in shock.

Cats express their feelings with the different sounds they make. In this blog post, I’ll explain exactly why cats chirp.

Let’s begin!

Why Exactly Do Cats Chirp?

Domestic cats like to chirp when they look out of the window and observe little creatures like birds, squirrels, etc. going about their lives. It is possible that since these animals make high-octane noises, so does your kitty.

But, mostly, a cat chirps when she wants to hunt something.

The origins of cat chirping seem to come from kittenhood. A theory suggests that kitties chirping is a way for a mother to corral her clowder of kittens to follow her. A kitten can use cat chirping in return as an ear-catching way to get the momma cat’s attention, especially when she’s craving food or play.

Do Cats Try to Mimic Birds When Chirping?

It’s true that a cat’s chirp sounds similar to that of a bird’s but, it’s not meant to mimic the sound. Cats chirp at all potential hunts like squirrels, and other small animals that they might be able to hunt.

Have you ever observed your cat when she’s chirping? Why do you think your kitty chirps? Let me know in the comments.

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