Does your cat react violently when you try to give it a bath?

Don’t worry, it’s common. Cats and their aversion to water have been puzzling cat parents for a long while now. This blog post will help you understand your cat’s water woes better.

Read on.

Coat Problems

The prime reason why a cat will try to claw its way out of a shower or tub is its coat. A cat’s coat is relatively less waterproof which results in the water seeping in the skin. It not only makes a cat feel really cold but also weighs it down due to water retention in the fur.

Evolution Problems

The reason behind the above-mentioned problem lies in a domestic cat’s evolution. Their ancestors were animals of the dry regions which hardly received rains and had few water bodies. A cat generally never faced situations that required swimming.

A cat’s evolutionary instincts also teach it to be wary of danger at all times. With its wet coat weighing it down or with water surrounding it from all sides, a cat might feel vulnerable and sense danger.

Comfort and Control Problems

In continuation of the above point, water is not comfortable territory for cats. And while splashing in a little water or dipping a paw in a tub is observed quite often, it is generally due to curiosity and sense of control that the cat feels in such situations. The moment there’s an overwhelming amount of water that makes it lose agility, it feels control slipping and that irritates it. 

Odor Problems

In the case of swimming pools or tub washes, the chemicals, and the odor that they release might be the real problem.

Do All Cats Hate Water?

Not every cat hates water. In fact, few breeds are recognized for their proclivity for swimming and love for the water. These cats generally have a water-resistant coat that makes it conducive for them to be water babies. Some popular swimming breeds include the Turkish Van, Savannah, Maine Coon, Bengal, Abyssinian, among others.

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