We all know cats love their boxes. Hell, they enjoy boxes more than the toys that come in them! 

I recently moved across the country which meant that I had to get a lot of stuff shipped via mail. When it all arrived, my cat was the happiest because of all the boxes that come with it!

Of course, all the boxes now belong to him and he loves sitting in them. 

This got me wondering what exactly is it about boxes that gets cats really attracted to them. I looked it up and decided to share it with all of you. In this blog post, I’ll answer the question ‘Why do cats like boxes?’ in as much detail as I can.

So, without further ado, let’s begin. 

Let’s start, shall we? 

What’s With Cats and Boxes?

Cats are weirdly fascinated with boxes and, this fascination has made a lot of people curious. 

According to Stephen Zawistowski from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, box basically gives a cat a safe and secure place. Marilyn Krieger, a cat behavior consultant feels that a cat finds comfort in boxes when she’s dealing with stress. 

When cats are in trouble of when they feel overwhelmed, they like to seek comfort in a enclosed, safe space when they can observe everything but not be seen. 

A study published in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science concluded that boxes help in reducing a cat’s level of stress. Boxes are like controlled and secure hiding places that help keep your cat feel protected and calm. 

Another reason why cats love boxes is because they provide them with warmth. 

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans which is between 100.5 to 102.5 degrees. This means that cats are comfortable in temperatures between 86 to 97 degrees while the average human house has a temperature of 72 degrees. 

So, the boxes essentially help the kitty be warm and comfortable. 

Some More Reasons

Following are some additional reasons why cats like boxes: 

Boxes Provide Great Hidden Observation Posts

Cats like to hide in spots from which they can observe everything without being seen. Since cats are predators by nature, even house cats like to observe their humans moving around and working while being completely hidden. So, they’re kind of like stalkers. 

Boxes Are Fabulous Places from Which to Pounce

What do cats do when they’re feeling mischievous and playful? 

They like to jump out from unexpected hiding places and pounce on anyone who’s passing by. This can scare someone who’s not used to having cats around and the behavior finds its roots in the cat’s wild and untamed instincts. 

Cats feel like big and scary hunters when they see their prey too shocked to run. 

Cats Are Curious

Cats are curious by nature and like to check something out when it is introduced in their environment. Cats don’t like to leave anything unexplored and boxes aren’t an exception to this rule. Cats think of boxes as unconquered property. 

Boxes Are Wonderful for Scratching

Cats love to scratch and stretch. 

Scratching helps cats shed the outer hull of the nail to reveal a sharper nail from underneath. Cats also have scent glands in their paws that help them leave their scent and marks for other cats to notice. 

Boxes are amazing for scratching and make an appealing noise for cats. 

Wrappin’ it Up: Why Do Cats Like Boxes? 

Cats like boxes because they provide them with a sense of safety and warmth. Cats are predators by natures and have a need to stay hidden while observing their prey. 

According to research, boxes help reduce a cat’s stress and provide them with a sense of safety. Cats feel more confident when they have a place to escape to and to not be seen. 

There are several other reasons why cats like boxes such as curiosity, attacking the prey, hiding, scratching, etc. 

Why do you think your cat likes boxes? Let us know in the comments. 

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