During the day your cat might follow you around the house and sleep next to you when you are seated.

Your feline fur may join you in your bed leaving her/his bed. There are various reasons that may make the  cat always sleep next to you during the day or at night.

Here’s Why Cats Sleep Next to Their Owners 

In this section of the blog, we will go through some of the reasons why kitties like to snooze next to their human friends! 


There are various reasons that may make the cat sleep next to their owners. Cats love security when they are sleeping. Hence they may enjoy sleeping next to the person that they trust and that they know better than anyone else.

Warmth and Comfort

Cats love the comfort and warm areas. Human beings can be warmer and the cat may enjoy sleeping next to their owner to get warmth.

Your cat may join you at night in your bed in search of comfort and warmth that they may get from your bed and blankets. 

Love and Affection

The other reason that may make your cat sleep next to you is that they are happy to be around you. Your cat might be enjoying spending time cuddling with you and ends up dosing off next to you. 

Body Sounds

The sounds that you make when breathing can attract your cat to stay closer to you. The sounds may be comforting.

Your heartbeat and internal sounds that you make may be musical to the cat’s ears, hence attracting it to stay closer to you. 

Why That’s a Great Idea for You

Did you know that sleeping next to your kitty can be beneficial for your health? Take a look. 

Relieves stress 

Your cat might be lonely at night. Therefore allowing your cat to sleep closer to you or in your bed may make it feel secure. Your cat may cry at night when she/he is stressed about being alone at night.

Sleeping with your cat may solve the stress of being lonely at night. 


Cuddling and sleeping with your cat can create a good relationship. Your cat may trust you and enjoy being around you when you give it time to sleep securely next to you. 

Warmth and Comfort

The cat and the owner may benefit from heat transfer. You and your cat may exchange heat by being next to each other. Sleeping with your cat can be a source of warmth and comfort to the cat and its owner. 

Things That You Might Not Like

It’s not a good experience to share a bed with the cat for some people. Take a look. 


You might be allergic to the cat’s hair. Your cat may shed of hair and leave it on your blankets and clothes. This may affect your healthiness.


If your cat has fleas, worms, ticks and other forms of bacterial and fungal it might be spread into your clothes and blankets by sleeping next to you or in your bed. 


Your cat might spread dirty to your bed and blankets through its dirty paws. Cats may shed off the hair and it might be stuck in your blankets and clothes.

Some cats like hunting mice and lizards, they may eat that while sleeping in your bed and spoil your bedding sheets. 

Does your cat enjoy sleeping next to you? Share your experiences

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